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Foodel is bringing the Fair Food Revolution to your front door. Foodel is the primary portal for your customers to order food from you - without the middleman markups. With our Revolutionary 0% commission model, we want to help local businesses make more and enable them to ascend to their maximum potential. What are you waiting for? Join the Revolution and Revolutionise your profits!

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No Commission / No Weekly Subscriptions

Tired of losing out a chunk of your profits? Foodel wants to help you make more. Pay no commission and take home all your profits, because, in the end, you deserve it!


Low Credit Card Fees

More transactions mean more profits, right? Not when you’re paying exorbitant amounts on credit card fees. Join us and truly make more on every transaction


Full Ownership Of App

Waiting upon corporate bureaucracies for even the most minor of changes is a rather inefficient and exhausting endeavour. So what does Foodel do you ask? We give control back to you. You can make changes to your product like it's your own app


National And Local Marketing

With a competent and dynamic marketing team at the helm, Foodel shall soon become the talk of the town, and so will you.


Excellent Support

Customer is King! We truly believe that. With that notion in mind we have created an excellent system that provides unparalleled customer service and support. You will never be on your own.


Offering Free Sign Up

Tired of those big corporate jocks? Well we’re not one of them.

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